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Open Enrollment for Individual/Family Medical Insurance

for Individual
 Medical Insurance

Open Enrollment

Starting November 1st each year, you can enroll in or renew a new health plan for January 1st of the following year.

Open Enrollment lasts 6 weeks and ends December 15th of each year. If you enroll within this timeframe, your coverage will start January 1st. If you miss the deadline for coverage, you may have to wait an entire year to enroll in coverage for the next year (unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period).

Changes in household

You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you or anyone in your household in the past 60 days:

Got Married

Select a plan by the last day of the month and your coverage can start the first day of the next month.

Had a Baby, Adopted a Child or Placed a Child for Foster Care.

Your coverage can start the day of the event — even if you enroll in the plan up to 60 days afterward.

Got Divorced or Legally Separated and Lost Health Insurance

Note: Divorce or legal separation without losing coverage doesn’t qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period.

Had a Death in the Household

You’ll be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period if someone on your Marketplace plan dies, and as a result you’re no longer eligible for your current health plan.

Changes In Residence

Household moves that qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period:
Moving to a new home in a new ZIP code or county
Moving to the U.S. from a foreign country or United States territory
If you're a student, moving to or from the place you attend school
If you're a seasonal worker, moving to or from the place you both live and work

Moving to or from a shelter or other transitional housing

Loss Of Health Insurance

You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you or anyone in your household lost qualifying health coverage in the past 60 days OR expects to lose coverage in the next 60 days. Coverage losses that may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period:
Losing job-based coverage
Losing individual health coverage for a plan or policy you bought yourself
Losing eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP
Losing eligibility for Medicare
Losing coverage through a family member

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