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Q: Are your services free?
A: Absolutely! We will find the strongest Oregon health insurance coverage for the best price! We are a free insurance broker.
Q: Does this cost me anything?
A: No. There is no additional cost by using our services as compared to going directly to the Oregon health insurance carrier. In fact, you'll have the benefit of an agent who will act as your own advocate!
Q: How long does it take to have Oregon Health Insurance?
A: It depends. A typical health insurance policy can take as little as one day to 6 weeks, depending on how well the application was filled.
Q: Do I need to have a Physical?
A: In most cases NO.
Q: Am I “locked in” for a certain amount of time?
A: Absolutely not. There are no minimum contracts. Many people only need a Short Term Medical policy from 1 to 6 months while others want a solid relationship with a quality Health Oregon Insurance Program for many years.
Q: Can I keep my existing Doctors?
A: Yes. That is one of our top priorities in finding an Oregon health insurance plan for you. To locate a program for you to ensure your understanding & happiness with the choice!
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