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Client Testimonials

Stacey M.

from Tigard, Oregon
“I'm so thankful for Jeff's help in navigating the health insurance marketplace. He was knowledgeable, caring and patient in explaining my options. And he was very responsive with my follow up questions. Do not attempt to enroll for benefits without first consulting with Jeff! You have nothing to lose, as there is no charge for his expertise. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. It's better to be safe, than sorry.”

Bryce P.

NW Portland, Oregon
"I had been researching the new HSA's for nearly a month. I just wasn't quite sure how they worked. My agent took the time to simply explain how the HSA works. He was very patient and listened to all of our questions. Now we've cut our premiums nearly in half and are enjoying the tax-free savings for our Chiropractor & Dental Bills. Thank You"

Lisa G.

Ashland, Oregon
"My agent has made this very easy. Shopping online was so confusing; trying to find a plan for my family seemed impossible. My agent found out what I needed and pointed me to the best plan for us."

Stacy D.

NE Portland, Oregon
"I always thought that shopping for insurance with an agent was more expensive. I didn't realize that an agent was so instrumental in helping understand our plan. Not to mention that the price is the same whether you use an agent or go direct. The price is the same."

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